91952 Sr. Designer

Company Name:
Id : 54659
Date Created : 8/21/2014 1:29:35 PM
Location/City : CT - Danbury
Area Code : 203
Job Type : Contract
Recruiter Name : Nicholas St Pierre
Recruiter Email :
91952 Sr. Designer
Location: Danbury, CT
Length: 4 Months
If interested, please send resume to
This position is responsible for developing and supporting products based on input from the market and its requirements. Primarily the position involves a high degree of project ownership, troubleshooting ability, and strong communications skills.
Main Duties & Responsibilities:
As a key member of the design and integration team the responsibility of pulling together new projects for initial engineering builds will be a primary task. Troubleshooting these initial designs often requires debugging skills and knowledge of equipment to aid this process. Using CAD tools to develop harnesses, cables, and cabinets are also a main responsibly. A large portion of the work includes the development of written documentation to support the engineered product line.
Use CAD tools to develop harnesses, cables, and cabinets
Product control documentation creation
Can research and understand part specifications
The successful candidate must be experienced with full lifecycle development and demonstrate good project ownership, written and verbal communications skills, and a proficiency in utilizing both
Can research and understand OEM product requirements COcreate ME10 2D drafting software or equivalent 2D package Windchill Product Management software or equivalent Microsoft Office products such as MSWord & Excel

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